Goal Setting Tips To Achieve More This Year

Goal setting is in the air at this time of the year. We reflect on the year that just passed and look ahead to what's possible this year.As we get older, we tend to get into a bit of a habit in the way we do things. It takes a conscious decision and some initial effort to… Read More »

Deverath: The Chronicles of Ragnarok

[su_heading align="left"]January 27 Update [/su_heading]Here are some further details about the book for anyone interested.Okay, I'm starting to run out of month over here!My goal is to get this puppy launched by no later than February 1st. However, it's highly unlikely the audio version will be ready to go by then as my voice has… Read More »

Are Social Media Silos Costing You Business?

Today we're talking about social media silos costing you business and also we're going to talk about "landing the plane". Stick with me and it'll all make sense.Okay, so I work with numerous small businesses. A lot of them are owner-operators/solopreneurs and like most people they use Facebook.There's a lot of people saying Facebook is… Read More »