Blame Ed Dale

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This post is a little bit different, and if you don’t like it, I give you full permission to blame Ed Dale. Keep reading and I promise that this will make sense…

Hey it’s Mike and I’m coming to you from my car while I’m driving home and there’s a reason why I’m recording this in my car…and that is because of Mr. Ed Dale.

Now Ed Dale is an internet marketer/Online Publisher. He’s done a lot of really cool things…I discovered him from the 30 Day Challenge 4 or 5 or maybe six years ago. He’s an all-around good guy and thought leader.

And he has a podcast called “Walking with Larry” where he records his insights and thoughts and all kinds of stuff while he’s walking his dog Larry. So that’s why he calls the show Walking with Larry.

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Basically what he does is he just talks into his cell phone, uploads his recording online and there you go he has an episode.Meanwhile he’s walking his dog and you hear birds in the background and all kinds of different stuff…

So the reason why I’m recording in my car today is that I figured, “you know if Ed Dale can do it – if he can just record himself while he’s walking his dog…then surely I can record myself while I’m driving home.”

Now I’m not comparing myself to Ed Dale, but there’s a lot of us who hide behind perfectionism and I’ve seen this a lot with different business owners that I’ve worked with where everything has to be just “so”.

You know what? I do understand it to a certain extent. A lot of people they want what’s best for their business and they want to have a professional image. But like I said earlier, there’s often times we use it as a crutch. We use perfection as a reason to not do something.

So if you do not like the quality of this recording…blame it on Ed Dale because I figured since he’s doing that I can do it too. And I want to get more of my information out there and share it with you guys, and I happen to be in my car quite a bit every day…so at this point in my life it makes sense for me to do this.

It gives me much more opportunity to put out content that I hope you find helpful and helps them move closer to achieving their goals.

Anyway, so this is my first official “car cast” and you’ll probably be hearing more of these. Maybe I should call these “Driving with Mike?” Yeah – maybe not.

But hopefully the quality’s not too bad and if you don’t like the sound of it then I guess you can just read the transcriptions because I’m hoping to get each one of these recordings transcribed.

So that’s it, thanks for listening and talk to you soon.


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