Deverath: The Chronicles of Ragnarok

Post Book Launch 2017 I'm looking to do a wrap up post of the full experience of self-publishing a book; it's been a pretty rewarding experience. However, therein lies the problem: when you derive a ton of fulfillment by the act of creating something, you'll inevitably drop the ball when it comes to promoting your new "baby" ... Read moreDeverath: The Chronicles of Ragnarok

Are Social Media Silos Costing You Business?

Today we're talking about social media silos costing you business and also we're going to talk about "landing the plane". Stick with me and it'll all make sense. Okay, so I work with numerous small businesses. A lot of them are owner-operators/solopreneurs and like most people they use Facebook. There's a lot of people saying ... Read moreAre Social Media Silos Costing You Business?

Reducing Bounce Rates

an image of a cartoon cat bouncing

When it comes to getting traffic to your website, just about everybody is obsessed with getting more of it. It's just like paying customers - you can never have too many. However, more isn't necessarily better. For instance, would you rather have 100 people walk through your store and buy nothing, or ten who shop ... Read moreReducing Bounce Rates

How To Stop LinkedIn From Publicly Celebrating Your Misfortune

Woman embarrassed with LinkedIn logo overlay

In a world where we’re connected and everything that is ever published on the internet has the potential to haunt us down the road, there is a time and place for stealth…. ...and I suggest that time and place is right here and now. You can call me crazy, but there are some times in ... Read moreHow To Stop LinkedIn From Publicly Celebrating Your Misfortune

16 Days Later Hope is Rewarded

Lost cat returns after 16 days, happy to be home

This post is going to be a little more personal than normal, but the moral of the story will hopefully prevail. Sixteen days ago - our family cat "Maple" disappeared without a trace sometime around 5:30 pm on May 2nd. I didn't get home from work that day until after six, so my last memory ... Read more16 Days Later Hope is Rewarded

Youtube Trounces Facebook in Social Engagement Study

Youtube greater than FaceBook? is the text on the slide.

Welcome to the first episode of Social Media News. This week we're covering a recent study that should make you seriously consider adding a YouTube strategy to your online marketing mix for promoting your business. You can watch the video below: YouTube trounces Facebook in that particular study, and as I revealed later in the ... Read moreYoutube Trounces Facebook in Social Engagement Study