Getting Organized with Trello – Free Project Management Solution

Life is busy and there are a ton of things calling out for our attention at any given time. Like many people, I’m busy working almost the entire week and the responsibilities don’t stop there.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do even more; without being organized this is impossible.

I’ve been working on finding ways to get more organized. I don’t have a smart phone that could potentially organize my life. Writing notes doesn’t seem to help as most of the times they end up getting lost or misplaced.

So I’m still working towards an ideal solution. I think a smartphone would help because you take them with you everywhere and are much less likely to misplace it then you would a slip of paper. However, I don’t currently own a smart phone…

I’ve been playing around with project management software. I use Basecamp at work and have also used TeamworkPM and tinkered around with Asana (free). Now I’m giving Trello a try.

It’s free and is pretty simple to use. It revolves around the “to do”, “doing” and “done” framework which appeals to me because I have the tendency to make things complicated.

I basically want a place where I can organize the different facets of my life, list all of the tasks I need to do and where they are in the process. Trello will do all of that – and I’m pretty sure it’s smart phone friendly should I get around to getting one in the near future.

So – I’m getting organized with Trello and will see how it goes. I’ll report back in a few weeks with my observations on how it’s working or not working for me.

Do you have your life organized?  I’d like to hear about the systems or software you use to get more done – leave me a comment below.


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