Deverath: The Chronicles of Ragnarok

Post Book Launch 2017

I'm looking to do a wrap up post of the full experience of self-publishing a book; it's been a pretty rewarding experience.

However, therein lies the problem: when you derive a ton of fulfillment by the act of creating something, you'll inevitably drop the ball when it comes to promoting your new "baby" to the world.

...and I am guilty as charged.

I have done very little promotion of the book, and therefore...don't expect to find it on any best seller lists.

Also, the audio book hasn't become a "thing" as yet.  I haven't carved out the time to do this and there hasn't been a ton of demand for it due to my lack of promotion.

I have tossed around the idea of also doing a paperback version of the book, just so it is a physical thing, again this is more something I want than perhaps anyone else.

Feedback from the book that I've received has been mostly positive, but it's also been from a small group of people who know me and probably don't want to be overly critical.

January 27 Update

Here are some further details about the book for anyone interested.

Okay, I'm starting to run out of month over here!

My goal is to get this puppy launched by no later than February 1st. However, it's highly unlikely the audio version will be ready to go by then as my voice has dropped about an octave over the last week with a (somewhat) dry throat.

The only other holdup on the book side of it will be the formatting. I don't anticipate it taking too long, but I am hiring someone to look after this for me and they likely have a queue of other authors that they're working with.

Anyway - you can still grab a pre-sale copy from the link below. If you go for the deluxe version with the audio book, you'll get it within 14 days or so of the book being released.

So here's the details:

  1. Release date is January 16th 23r
  2. Cover artwork is under way (completed)
  3. Kindle and/or PDF versions
  4. This is a short story (45 pages on 8.5 x 11 paper)
  5. 3 versions to choose from
  6. Hate to read? Get the audio or deluxe edition!

You can reserve your copy now by [sorry - offer expired].

Also, I'm looking for a few avid readers to read through the story and share their thoughts, smash any typos and or grammar issues that may remain. If you're interested, reach out to me here and I'll hook you up.

Original post

...and now for something completely different.

I've decided to do something 100% creative and release a short story that I wrote about 15 years ago. For about the last 8 years I've been busy studying and learning about online marketing and working with small (and large) businesses and I thought it was high time to actually create something of my own for a change.

This is a fantasy story (think J.R.R. Tolkien meets Stephen King with perhaps a smattering of Terry Goodkind and Raymond E.Feist thrown in for good measure) - so if that doesn't "float your boat" you have my permission to go back to whatever you were doing.

deverath chronicles of ragnarok concept art with filter

Otherwise, if you're even remotely interested in this, I set up a page on Gumroad for pre-orders. I'm looking to donate half the money paid to a charity or good cause, still working out the details on that. I put a delivery date of January 15th, but it'll likely be sooner than that. The artwork is almost finalized at this point and I'm debating whether I'll be able to hire an editor but will most likely get the book formatted properly for Kindle.

Stay tuned for more.


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