Learning isn’t Work so Stay Productive with These 3 Steps

learning isn't work plus 3 productivity tipsIt’s September and “learning is in the air”, but learning isn’t work. In fact, learning can be a way to avoid doing the actual work that’s going to help grow your business.

In this video, I talk about some of the learning I’m doing that has coincided with the month of September and how it’s directly impacted the deliverables that I expect of myself each week.

At the end of the day, the more actions that you take that help to grow sales, the healthier your business will be. So get those essential tasks out of the way first, then reward yourself by learning.

Here’s my video with my three tips on how to be more productive while leaving in some space for learning.

Three tips revealed in this video include (you need to watch to find out):

  1. 3:18 F___s
  2. 4:11 Use a T_____
  3. 4:44 Start your day with the d_______ first

Have you been distracted with learning and taken your eyes off what you need to do to generate sales? What are you currently learning? What core activities do you do each day to make the cash register ring?


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